Simportal methodology

Simportal methodology

Simportal® is a no-code, web portal. We build, learn and evolve tailor-made business processes for our partners as a services. We don’t work with everyone, and we don’t do one size fits all. We only work with clients who are focused on their process improvement. We also include unlimited users, value, solutions and creativity!

We believe that to be a successful supplier to your business we need to establish a strong ongoing partnership. You’re the experts at what you do, we are experts in delivering software solutions. Successful solutions are achieved by great input and feedback. The more we can work together, the better your software solutions will be.

Your business needs may also change over time. We want Simportal to continue to perform well for your business, and not to become part of the problem as so many point-solutions can. Solutions, not software is the Simportal mantra! Simportal allows us to evolve in line with your changing business requirements.  Continuous process improvement will help you maintain your competitive advantage.

people + ideas

To improve the success of a process improvement initiative its important not to start with the solution. Our process starts with the people involved day to day in their process and we try to include all stakeholders. Understanding the process in detail and gathering process improvement ideas right from the start. Having a good understanding of the process creates solid foundations for the solution.

prototype + evolve

Rapid prototyping within Simportal is extremely useful and delivers a working solution. Walking through a working solution makes changes and improvement suggestions much easier to visualise and manage. This method is both cost effective and very rapid – hours & days rather than weeks & months. This supports a flexible and incremental “try it and see” approach to the evolution of your solution.

priority + pace

Working at your pace means we don’t create a burden on your business. You have day to day stuff to do and so we work around your timescales. By allowing you to set priorities within your roadmap (think 3-5 years ahead), we ensure our efforts are maximised and that we focus on your immediate priorities – “your issues of the day”.

protect + connect

“Evolution, not revolution”- the replacement of existing systems carries high risk to your business. Simportal protects your business by working alongside your existing systems, plugging functional gaps without the need to replace systems that already work and are embedded within your business. “Add to, not replace”

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Simportal®, delivers for my clients and frees me up from the administrative burden giving me back valuable hours of my time, so I can focus on delivering a high-quality service for every one of my clients, not IT

Luke – Head Coach and Owner (Dec 2020)

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My focus is always on winning races, the portal saves me precious admin time that I can employ in the workshop fine tuning racecars or making sure I get the time needed to recharge my batteries with my beautiful wife and family

Rob Wheldon, Team Principle – RAW Motorsports (April 2021)

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Simportal allows us to concentrate on improving parts of the business we need to improve but without impacting our day-to-day. We get a completely customized solution with minimum implementation impact

James Sudbury, Operations Director – Asmech Systems Limited (Mar 2021)

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