Bella & Duke

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Bella and duke are a pet food manufacturing business located in Dunfermline Scotland. They are one of the largest pet food manufacturer’s in the UK providing healthy raw pet food for Cats and Dogs.

Problem Statement

  • New 1000+ pallet cold store
  • Raw material and finished product visibility
  • Traceability of temperatures, storage dates etc
  • Materials timing logistics


In partnership with the supply chain manager and the Bella and Duke team, we initiated a comprehensive solution to tackle key operational challenges.  Identified issues encompassed the lack of visibility across cold store and supply chain, impact of new 1000+ pallet cold store, inaccuracies in material assignments on the shop floor, and impact on production. To rectify operational inaccuracies, Simportal introduced scanning infrastructure capabilities within the new cold store. These scanning capabilities facilitated a controlled movement of stock, ensuring that all team members were informed about the pallet locations and the specific section of the business where they were needed for the operations.


Bella and Duke’s collaboration with Simportal has yielded substantial results, providing them with comprehensive visibility stock during its movement within the business, thereby enhancing quality control. Raw material arriving from their supply chain is managed by importing shipping packing lists. This has enabled the good inwards process to run seamlessly. The increased discipline among Bella and Duke staff is notable, with team members more actively addressing issues through the operations, contributing to more efficient production processes. Furthermore, the data derived from the system has empowered Bella and Duke to establish precise and effective Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the entire team, facilitating goal achievement and promoting business growth.