Solutions, not software

Simportal® is a simple, cloud based, no-code, process improvement portal

We offer business process transformation as a service

We include:-

Unlimited processes
Unlimited creativity
Unlimited value
Unlimited users

What problems do we solve?

We solve three key business problems.

1. creating a single point of truth

2. giving you live visibility of your data

3. we achieve this through our dedicated team of experts, working with you on your business processes.

Solving these problems will enable better decision making, faster response to customer needs and many other benefits including your bottom line.

Today you may have functional gaps in your existing software that are holding you back. What if you could fix your business process issues without the need to replace your existing systems? What if you could remove your reliance on e-mail workflow? What if you could take that Excel sheet and turn it into a robust, sustainable business process? What if you could easily setup a customer portal that adds more value?

We believe that getting the most from your peoples talents means not having excess transport, inventory, motion, waiting, over production, over processing & defects – the 7 wastes. By removing any of the 7 wastes that exist within your business processes will inevitably unlock time, resources and cash!

Our business process transformation service is about helping organisations achieve greater employee satisfaction, removing all waste, releasing value and optimising your business processes.

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Our free offer includes

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Discovery Call

We offer a free discovery call or onsite workshop with our expert team. We can review your current issues together and decide what to focus on.

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Working Prototype

Following the discovery call or workshop, we will create a free working prototype for a business process of your choice. We may have more questions and we can modify the solution live at our next meeting.

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Your working prototype may include, branding, customised web forms, workflows, SMS, E-mail, To Do notifications, dashboards, reports, Excel integration, QR codes, calendar scheduling and much more.

See what others say about us

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Simportal®, delivers for my clients and frees me up from the administrative burden giving me back valuable hours of my time, so I can focus on delivering a high-quality service for every one of my clients, not IT

Luke – Head Coach and Owner (Dec 2020)

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My focus is always on winning races, the portal saves me precious admin time that I can employ in the workshop fine tuning racecars or making sure I get the time needed to recharge my batteries with my beautiful wife and family

Rob Wheldon, Team Principle – RAW Motorsports (April 2021)

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Simportal allows us to concentrate on improving parts of the business we need to improve but without impacting our day-to-day. We get a completely customized solution with minimum implementation impact

James Sudbury, Operations Director – Asmech Systems Limited (Mar 2021)

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