Flexi-Films UK Ltd

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Flexi Films is a packaging company located in the East Midlands, operating from three strategic warehouse sites across the United Kingdom. Established in 2020, Flexi Films specialises in supplying high-quality flexible packaging films to the food industry.

Problem Statement:

  • Goods were manually booked in and documented, leading to inefficiencies.
  • Delivery notes were processed manually.
  • The company relied on a manual system utilising multiple spreadsheets.
  • There was no stock control or real-time visibility.

Phase 1 – Priorities:

In collaboration with Flexi Films UK, Simportal identified key operational challenges. Our primary focus was on addressing labour-intensive manual tasks that relied on multiple Excel spreadsheets. Additionally, we aimed to streamline the process of booking goods and accurately tracking delivered stock across Flexi Films’ warehouses.

Phase 2 – People & Pace:

We initially visited Flexi Films onsite weekly to gain a deep understanding of their needs and to connect with their team. Once we identified their priorities, we collaborated with the Flexi Films team to eliminate the most urgent manual spreadsheet processes. By delivering this initial solution, we could directly compare the old manual process with the new streamlined Simportal process, providing clear insights into which approach was most efficient for Flexi Films. This approach also minimized risks, as both processes could run concurrently, ensuring continuity during the transition.


Simportal’s partnership with Flexi Films UK has facilitated remarkable growth, allowing them to increase their turnover from £4 million to approximately £9 million, thanks to the system’s scalability. By transitioning from manual processes to automated procedures through the Simportal platform, they streamlined operations that were previously centred around delivery notes, document control, and stock management. This shift marked a pivotal achievement for Flexi Films UK, granting them precise inventory oversight and strategic control over stock allocation and distribution.