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ABS specialises in the bending/curving of all types of aluminium extrusions/sections for a wide range of industries. The range of markets ABS serves includes Construction, Architectural, Commercial Vehicles, Exhibition manufactures, Aluminium window fabricators & Office furniture manufacturers.

Problem Statement

  • No real time visibility of work in progress
  • Legacy Access business system
  • Inadequate sales processes


We collaborated with the ABS management team to identify and understand the visibility issues related to work in progress. Additionally, we closely engaged with the shopfloor staff to gather their requirements. The success of this solution hinges on the onboarding of the shopfloor team, as they are the key drivers of the process.

To address the inadequacies in the sales process, ABS developed a custom Excel quote template. By leveraging Simportal’s capability to interface with Excel, the necessary data can be easily downloaded within their template, facilitating the creation of a quote. In essence, the business rules for ABS’s quotes are integrated into their Excel template. Once completed, the Excel document can be uploaded, and all pertinent information is extracted to produce the final quotation.


ABS has implemented a new system for collecting production data, utilising customised user interfaces driven by iPads. These interfaces were developed in collaboration with the production team, whose members range in age from 18 to 63.

Thanks to the implementation of live dashboards, work in progress can now be easily accessed from any device, providing real-time visibility. As a result, customer service has been significantly improved, with a better understanding of shopfloor loading and improvements in lead-time forecasting. The availability of accurate job information has also positively impacted profitability, as it has facilitated a more effective costing process.