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The MTC’s exceptional growth over the last 10 years, coupled with new ways of working, meant that MTC Membership processes and tools utilised within these processes were becoming inefficient, not as robust as required, and ultimately heading towards being no longer fit for purpose. Simportal worked collaboratively with the MTC Membership team to develop an easy-to-use, web-based process management system that satisfies current needs, whilst still providing scalability for the future. The new platform will also accommodate countless other applications from around the business.

The Challenge

For many years MTC’s Membership team have used checklists, excel spreadsheets, SharePoint services and folder structures setup on secure servers to deliver key membership contract and relationship management processes.

Changes within the organisation and also in ways of working have been catalysts for the team to seek out ways to improve the resilience, ease of use, traceability and visibility of processes such as on-boarding, contract management, and membership renewals.

The team realised that if existing processes were directly imported into a new solution then the opportunity to make maximum improvements would be missed.  The need to not only find a new fit-for-purpose system was identified alongside the need for support from a team of experts who could help with critically evaluating existing processes.

The Solution

  • A secure online platform with configurable access rights that has the ability to share information with multiple users securely and preventing data loss.
  • Stage based (Gated) process flows with integrated notifications that puts the right information with the right stakeholder at the right time.
  • Live dashboards to help users understand the bigger picture more easily, and assist with the creation of a range of reports quickly.
  • Record-driven structure for connecting and improving customer-related processes around the business.
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“From our very first conversation, we knew Simportal were a partner we could rely on. They’ve helped us better understand our own needs, delivered exactly what we required, and continue to support us as we find new applications to develop within the platform. Throughout the whole process the Simportal team have never been anything less than brilliant to work with!”

Richard Watkins, Group Marketing Director Membership – MTC – April 2021