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Rob Wheldon’s RAW Motorsports team has a track record within the industry that is head and shoulders above the rest! Rob benefits from 8 years of Radical factory experience as race team manager, head of technical support, and factory development driver. In the past 10 seasons, RAW Motorsports has won 11 championships both nationally and internationally. Rob is also a driver for the United Autosports Team, winners of the 2020 European Le Mans LMP3 series.


  • Make customer invoicing fast, accurate and easy.
  • Manage component part life.
  • Make the process easy for race team engineers.
  • Give customers access to their own portal.
  • Utilise QR codes to track parts.


Simportal was selected as solutions partner and their approach is refreshing, ‘Solutions, Not Software’. The approach was simple, the team at Simportal configure their rapid configuration cloud-based portal ‘Simportal’ to meet the exact requirements of RAW Motorsports without changing their existing processes. RAW Motorsports has honed their processes over a decade of racing seasons. Listening to Rob and carefully understanding his pain was a very important part of the process. The more time Rob gets back from the portal the more effort he can put back into his winning formula!


At the first race meeting of the 2021 season opener, Rob and his team of race engineers used the portal for the first time. The process was simple, Rob selected on the Simportal which race engineer could access to which race cars. In advance, Rob had already set up each chassis number with total run/engine hours. Every part a race engineer selected from the parts library already had data configured for the price, life in hours, actions required on the existing part. This automatically enabled Rob’s invoice template to be download with all the relevant data to make it 75% faster, very easy to do with accurate results. A live dashboard with every chassis number along with part data including, life hours, fitted, and new part required by date/time. All this was made possible by recording current run/engine hours. Additional fuel/oil data were also recorded. All engineers accessed the portal via their phones, and they uploaded a photo of the Circuit Summary Sheet. This was previously filled in manually and will act as a backup to the portal. If an engineer can’t get online, they will complete the portal later using the photo they have taken of the sheet.

The customer portal will be launched at the next race meeting with all drivers gaining access to their data. Long-term other web apps will be developed to make engineer’s and customer’s racing experience more enjoyable and rewarding.

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“My focus is on winning races. The portal saves me precious admin time that I can employ either in the workshop fine-tuning racecars or making sure I recharge my batteries with my beautiful wife and family”

Rob Wheldon, Team Principal – RAW Motorsports (April 2021)

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