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Our Simportal Advisor

It is always important to ensure that we offer what our clients need, to help us with this task, we now work with Stephen Pegram as a Commercial and Technical Partner, he has been a valuable team member in ensuring we understand the complexities needed in the commercial world of process management solutions and improvement.

Steve is a result-driven executive management professional with a diverse real-life background in sales and marketing, corporate management and business development within several international companies. He has gained extensive experience, operating within the UK and global markets, this includes a 16-year residency in the USA.

His most recent engagements include Corporate Vice President of Hyundai WIA, part of the Hyundai Motor Group for North and South America, and Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Heller USA and Canada.

He has been accredited for the design and implementation of several new business strategies that increased revenue, growth and company value.

On his return to the UK, Steve he is now building Business Development, and Sales and Marketing strategies for several business sectors, all of which use the same principles, which are bespoke, depending on the products or services within the client’s working portfolio.


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