Muscle Coach (UK) achieved record growth

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Despite the first lockdown causing a huge overnight loss of income, Sutton-in-Ashfield based personal trainer Luke Beastall MD and owner of Muscle Coach UK, faced the future with surprising optimism.  Having grown his business over the previous two years to 30+ regular, gym-based clients and three online clients, the first lockdown hit his business very hard with a 90%+ drop in income.


  • Increase online clients.
  • Reduce administration with simple business processes.
  • Improve communication with clients e.g. one channel for everyone.
  • Video responses to client check-ins.
  • Branded portal.


Luke knew that the way forward was to grow his online client base, but the administrative burden of coordinating interaction with many online clients would severely constrain growth.  Despite there being several existing online services available, specifically aimed at Personal Trainers, they all had one underlying issue; you had to work the way they wanted you to work.  Luke’s enterprising nature enabled him to see a unique opportunity to deliver a more personalised and branded service specific to the way he runs his business.

Luke approached Simportal and within the space of a few weeks, built him a specific solution using our “no-coding required” cloud platform, and the transformation of his business began.


One year on and Luke has grown his online clients 10-fold and has even started to support international clients through the power of the platform.  Even though gyms have started to re-open, the capability and flexibility that the system has been able to demonstrate has allowed Luke to scale more efficiently and broadly than with typical face-to-face training.  This amount of growth is possible only because Simportal handles all of the development of the system, allowing Luke to concentrate on his business and clients.

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Simportal, delivers for my clients and frees me up from the administrative burden giving me back valuable hours of my time. I can now focus on delivering a high-quality service for every one of my clients, not IT

Luke, Head Coach and Owner – MuscleCoach(UK), Dec 2020

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