How Asmech Systems accelerated its digital transformation strategy.



Asmech Systems had already engaged IT2 Limited as their Managed Service Providers MSP to make their IT easy. But what about the business processes, they were still heavily reliant on Excel & e-mail. Duplication of data and retyping different documents were commonplace. Getting accurate up to date information was a challenge and preparing for meetings was resource-intensive. Their business process should not be holding their growth back and to be successful in the future this barrier must be removed.


  • Incremental and continuous improvement of all Asmech Systems business processes
  • Live visibility of all business processes
  • Sustainable business processes
  • Inclusive of CRM, order acknowledgment, invoicing, BOM management, RFQs, purchasing, goods in, stock control, timesheets, production planning, job analysis, asset management, holiday management etc.


Simportal was selected as a solutions partner and their approach is refreshing, ‘Solutions, Not Software’. The approach was simple, the team at Simportal configure their rapid configuration cloud-based portal ‘Simportal®’ to meet the exact requirements of Asmech Systems Ltd. No learning curve required – the Simportal team listened and then presented a solution. Sales order acknowledgment reports soon followed along with invoicing, debtor’s management, timesheets etc. All the processes have live dashboards with process activities being distributed to the relevant parties.


Within the first quarter of 2021, Asmech Systems Ltd had not only implemented a new custom CRM solution but had quoted the equivalent of 6 months business in half the time. This provided considerable confidence in the Simportal® solutions delivery process.

Sales meetings are held, and all information is available via live dashboards and the time spent preparing for those meetings is minutes not hours! The effort versus reward is directed at converting quotations into new business and not spent on administration. Forecasting is easier, gone are the days of meeting around whiteboards.

When we win an order, with Simportal the process of converting the quote to a job is seamless and has completely eliminated parts of the previous process that didn’t add any value.

Collecting timesheet data and analysing productive v non-productive time is as simple as opening a live dashboard. Invoice creation and debtor’s management is made easy, with little or zero effort – the same process is managed via a live dashboard.

Simportal Quote mark

“Simportal is the perfect business process improvement tool, and we use it across the entire business, from CRM, purchasing, stock control, time and attendance, job costing through to asset management.”

James Sudbury, Operations Director – Asmech Systems Limited (Mar 2021)

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